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Auras are bands of light and color that surround each of us and have been seen  and reported by intuitives and psychics for centuries. Auras can give insights in to an individuals life and experience based on their appearance and colors. Each color posses a vibration, and that vibration is associated with human experiences and emotions. For the late psychic, Edgar Cayce, the aura provided a pictorial reprentation of an individuals health, thoughts, talents, and life potentions as well as karmic lessons and even past lives. In a very real sense, the aura functions as a barometer of the whole self- mind, body, and spirit. Psychic, Carol Ann Liaros and cayce expert Kevin J. Todd's hi have joined together to present a unique volume that teaches you to acces your intuitive self in order to see these auras and colors and then goes on to explain their meaning as based on the well-documented readings of Edgar Cayce. Their work explores colors and the human aura in a way that provides practical tools for understanding that can be applied in your own life right now. This volume also includes the only ever book written by Edgar Cayce himself:Auras:An Essay on the meaning of colors. 

Auras and Colors

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