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Discover the joys of embracing an earth-friendly, natural lifestyle with this extraordinary guide. Daughter and mother coauthors Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban provide everything you need to get started, including a wide-variety of recipes and remedies, historical uses of natural ingredients, and entertaining anecdotes from their time living holistically in a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse. As the grounded good wife duo, Ehris and Velya guide your journey into the green witch-hunt world, introducing you to herbal infusions, fermentation, techniques, and pantry essentials. Learn the many uses of fire cider, tonics, essential oils and collagen. Explore natural body and facial care, healthy ways to indulge in alcohol and chocolate, and recipes for relaxation. From creating an hearbal sleep pillow to energy cleansing. Dare to be a green witch shows you how to use natures gifts for greater wellness. S

Dare to be a Green Witch

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