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In the brilliant book, Keith Sherwood and Sabine Wittmann show you how to improve your relationships and achieve powerful healing at the deepest levels of consciousness. Energy Healing for Relationships helps you find you find you find a compatible partner (or strengthen your connection to your existing partner), heal family dynamics, and overcome parenting challenges. Tips and techniques for working with meditation, energy, positive thinking, chakras, madras, and visualization will move you forward on your journey with your family and friends while also helping you ensure that the children in your life grow up with all the love and self-confidence they need. Within these pages, you will discover more than one hundred accessible exercises for building skills like centering your awareness in your non-physical field and increasing your empathy for yourself and your loved ones. You will also explore powerful approaches to recognizing and releasing attachments that can interfere with communication while improving your soul vibration and sense of internal balance. This book is a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your relationships for a life filled with emotional nourishment and spiritual well-being. 

Energy Healing for Relationships

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