Peach aventurine gets its coloring from pyrite, hematite, and goethite within its structure. The sacral chakra is gently influenced by its energies. It is a stone you may choose to have on hand for the times when you’re required to make decisions, or for when you need to be extra creative. It reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and gently sways us away from worry; as well it helps us to overcome shyness.  

This stone enables us to be more tolerant of others, and can provide a subtle boost to one's potential for leadership. If using it to heighten leadership potential it should be accompanied by one or more other stones with this similar quality, one possible choice is sunstone. Peach aventurine promotes mental clarity, and in this instance as well its properties are subtle; try using it with selenite or golden apatite for added intensity. Additionally this stone balances the emotions, assists us to achieve a stiller mind in preparation for meditation, and moves us away from engaging in self-critical internal dialogue.

All items infused with Reiki. 

Peach Aventurine Sphere


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