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The Women's spirituality, new age, and Wicca movements are growing in size and sophistication in the United States and Europe. Women and men everywhere are discovering the Goddess and reviving her as a religion and way of life. The Goddess appears in poetry and literature, and in hte growth of the women's spirituality movement. She is immanent and present in modern living, and information about her origins in ancient Goddess cultures is being reclaimed and re examined for its relevance to modern living. The Goddess Boook of Days,  perpetual calendar of Goddess dates,holidays, festivals and holy days, offers informations and knowledge on the Goddess, and offers it in a modern format. The planner is an important tool in todays busy living, and this one connects daily life and appointments to the rebirt and growth of the Goddess in modern life. For every day of the year there is at least one holiday of the Goddess, and the dates connnect the past Goddess cultures to the present. It is a reference book of great interest to anyone invileced with spirituality, Goddess cultures, magic, the Wiccan religion, and women's spirituality. Among the dates are also dates of the pagan Gods from many cultures. The Goddesses and Gods and their holidays are listed multi-cultural and relevant to readers of any race and nation. 

The Goddess Book of Days

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