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Reiki Home and Office Parties!

I'm so excited to Announce!!!!

Reiki and Crystal Home Parties!

Here's how it works:

The host/hostess invites up to 10 of their friends, family,

co-workers, family, neighbors etc to their home to enjoy a time of

heart centered bonding, relaxation, sharing, laughter, fun, music,

snacking, pampering and healing. You choose how you want it to go.

What is your vision? Does your party include a theme?

Do you wish to share dinner, dessert, wine, cannabis, drumming,

or essential oils so you and your friends can relax in your own way?

Included in this time is the opportunity for your guests to enjoy a

25 minute Reiki session which includes chakra balancing and

personal tips and tricks on how you can keep your chakras open and aligned.

You can choose whether to serve food, refreshments,

desserts or nothing at all. Totally up to you!

Cost: Each guest pays $50. This includes a crystal of your choice up to ($5.00)

The host/hostess will receive a free session as a thank you for hosting the party.

However you decide to gather, the benefits will be great!

PM me to schedule your party today!

CBD Products now available.  

Jamie K Dean, HHP, Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
70 W 10th St
Tracy, Ca 95376