Welcome to White Willow Wellness Center

What is Reiki energy healing?

Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

I specialize in Reiki for Emotional and Mental health. 

Whether you are battling Depression, Anxiety or just feeling heavy and disconnected, I can help!

I use Life force energy to go in and relieve you of your emotional garbage. It could be your own or

(if you are empathic)

you could be carrying around other peoples stress, trauma and anxiety.  

What Reiki can do for you:

  • Clears emotional blocks and stagnant energy allowing for better energy flow.

  • Can help with physical pain

  • Helps to increase clarity

  • Restores the body's natural ability to heal itself and creates balance

  • Relaxation

  • Pain management

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Enhanced well-being and self-esteem

  • Support for substance abuse recovery, addictions

  • Greater self awareness

  • Greater ease and satisfaction in relationship

  • Heightened intuition

When you come to my office, located in my home, we will talk for a few moments to set our intention for your

session. You will lie on the table, fully clothed. During your session I will use Aromatherapy,

Flower Essences and/or Crystals to balance your chakras (energy centers) and help you to release

deep seated emotional trauma. 

It's possible to feel, heat, cold, movement, pressure, chills, release, relief,  vulnerability, love, or your spirit guides.

You may even get to see colors, shapes, animals or go on a journey in your mind's eye. These are pleasant

experiences as reiki always works for your highest good.


After the session. I can give you any messages I might have received intuitively during your session, These messages tell me what areas in your life you can shift and balance to

better serve your highest purpose. 

Distance Reiki is available for emergencies or for clients who are unable to come into my office but would

like to receive the benefits of reiki. 

Cost is $85 per session and includes chakra balancing, crystals, aromatherapy and a consultation. 

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**I also teach Usui Reiki 1,2 and master classes!

Now Located in Downtown Tracy!

70 W 10th St. Tracy, CA 95376

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Jamie K Dean, HHP, Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
70 W 10th  St

Tracy, Ca 95376


Jamie K Dean, HHP, Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
70 W 10th St
Tracy, Ca 95376