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Welcome to White Willow! Your one stop shop to all things Metaphysical. Using Energy, Holistic Remedies and Crystal healing, we will help you feel clear and aligned. Mind. Body & Spirit. 

What is Reiki?

This is what we truly love to do here✨ Reiki is our passion, & we are so grateful we have the opportunity to offer this service for others🌈 Reiki is a form of healing that starts at the core, the source of the dis- ease in your life, your main chakra points. These points in your body are energetic centers that can go stagnant over time, in Reiki we reawaken these energy centers, helpinthem to flow easier. This allows you to feel more aligned with yourself, with a new sense of purpose, and clarity✨ let us show you our favorite part of the shop, The Magic! Described by some of our clients as an emotional massage. 

Crystals & Semiprecious Gemstones and jewelry

Jewelry Make and Take station 

Tapestries, Incense, Candles, doTERRA

Sage, Singing Bowls, Organic Teas and Herbs and much more!

Now Booking Private Reiki Sessions
Aura Readings with photo with 16 page report
Spiritual Guidance Sessions &
Card Readings
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Open for in person shopping 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday
9am-5pm Satu
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